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Tis the season for camo

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Dove, Teal, Ptarmigan, and now Duck... tis the season for all things camo... and for bird dogs! I can't tell you how pumped I am that the season is in full swing! Almost better than Christmas... almost! I've been training with Walter a lot - tweaking some commands, and taking note that there are still A LOT of things we need to work on. Over-all though, he is a super smart dog and we are excited to chase those feathers!

I got some new gear that I'm obsessed with, and wanted to share with you. I've also documented each of my hunts thus far, sharing in the successes and failures that is being your average hunter. Those posts are on my Blog page as well.

I've been extra observant lately -- watching in awe as the hunting community is just killing it... literally! Tags are being filled and first-timers are getting out there and going bang! It is super inspiring and just gets a girl excited! Special shout-out to all of you ladies out there who went hunting for the first time... who took down your first bird and filled that first tag. You are the reason I research and explore and investigate and write and snap and applaud... every single day.

The gear I've been wearing a ton, and a brand I am really behind, is that from Prois. A female and Colorado rooted company, their gear fits women and is high quality!

New to my arson, are the Pradlann upland pants, upland game vest, blaze orange 3/4 zip under layer, and a great light jacket that is moisture wicking and super comfy! Go check out their stuff... amazing quality and truly fits like a glove!

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