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Solo pointing pup

There’s breed & pedigree, and then there’s hard work and killer instinct… put them all together and you’ll get one hell of a bird dog.

Walter had his first solo pheasant hunt at Valhalla today. Took him out to find birds for my dad and I, with my nephew in tow to help keep us all in line. I was honestly nervous to see how Walter would perform outside the training fields and familiar commotion. I wasn’t sure how it would go - I just hoped that after all of the time, energy, and money I invested we’d have a successful hunt with a killer bird dog...

And we did. Walter found all the birds, held his points long enough for us to get close and in range, flushed them up into the sky, and brought us back bird after bird - mouth full of feathers and rearing to go get the next.

I’m relieved, I’m excited, I’m super proud. Pumped for the season and for all the birds we’ll put in the cooler. While we count down to Pheasant Season Opener, we are hitting waterfowl as often as we can. I'm so grateful that my dog is versatile and loves ALL kinds of hunting... we are going to do it all.

Happy hunting!

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