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I'm not a guide - I'm a coordinator.

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

I spent my lunchbreak scrolling the interweb and checking out some Colorado hunting articles. I found a couple guided hunts I was interested in and read through my TFO emails. A woman had emailed me asking what I charge for a guided big game hunt. I was surprised at the email because I don't feel like I've ever advertised myself as a guide, nor do I boast the expertise to be in charge of filling someone else's tag. I am a glorified outdoor event coordinator, not an expert guide.

What I charge for my events is what it costs to cover the fees involved, lodging, meals, equipment, etc. I do not seek to profit from the events I organize. I like to connect people, and in the realm of hunting and the outdoors, I like to connect female outdoor enthusiasts with bonafide experts and guides. I handle all of the logistics, but I also go along for the journey and the experience. I wish my fulltime job could be planning excursions for others, but that just isn't a reality.

The outdoors should be accessible to all. It can be overwhelming taking on a new hobby or trying something new, so that's where I come in. I'm happy to figure out all of the details for you and make sure you're prepared for your experience. I vet the guides I choose to work with and usually only book based on reviews and recommendations from others in the community. I've made incredible connections and have friends with a dozen different outdoor groups, lodges, and foundations across the state.

Y'all I'm still a diligent student of nature. I'm still begging my big brother to take me antelope hunting because he is a big game hunting genius (don't tell him I said that). He has so many years and so many hunts under his belt - his knowledge is unparalleled. One day I hope to be on his level, but until then, I'm still going to refer to him as the teacher, and I'm happy being the student. It's the best kind of community to learn from - whether it's a family member showing you the ropes, or an acquaintance you met in the field, or a guide your friend filled her first tag with -- we should always want to grow our knowledge and skills - myself included!

You want to try duck hunting for the first time, get your concealed carry permit, have a girl's weekend snowshoeing in the mountains, or go ice fishing for the first time? I've got you. I know just the spot, with just the right people, and it's always going to be just the right price.

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