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Hunting & Gender Roles

I've recently been reminded that there are trolls on the internet. No matter what you share on social media or through online platforms, you're bound to have at least one person make it their mission to try and shame you. Personally, I don't expel that kind of energy when reviewing a post that I don't agree with. I keep my opinions to myself, and instead, try to spread positivity over negativity. Ruffling feathers is sometimes unavoidable though... such is life.

Historically, the Hunter-Gatherer dynamic has portrayed men as the hunters and women as the gatherers. Nothing wrong with gathering... but in today's world, women are very much so in the Hunter category. Many new studies have surfaced where they've found evidence of indigenous women being big game hunters and being honored for their contributions to their tribes and family. It's not a new idea that women can coexist in a dual role within our society.

This isn't a feminist agenda comment - in fact, I actually encourage femininity in the same space as outdoor involvement - hence the title of my blog. Some comments that I've seen lately made me feel it was necessary to set the record straight. Enter my tangent here...

  1. Female hunters are not all tomboys. In fact, I know plenty of girly-girls who love to hunt (and who are good at it!). There are pageant queens, fashion designers, make-up artists, and even debutants who hunt in our country. You can wear make-up, have your nails painted, and wear cute camo gear, all while filling tags and packing out animals.

  2. Hunting is not a masculine flex. It might take a woman more trips to pack out their animal than it would take a guy to, but women can scout, call, shoot, field-dress, and process their own meat at the same level as men do. It baffles me that I have to actually write all of this out - I thought it was common sense, but apparently people still need to be reminded.

  3. If you're a guy and you're with a woman who hunts, it does not make you any less "manly". Even if she bags more animals than you - can't you just be proud instead? I think the men that are most threatened by this are more insecure than anything. They say they want a woman who does it all and is feminine and a good Christian, intelligent and supportive, sexy and modest, a lover of the outdoors and the first amendment, healthy and strong, a leader for their children and also an agreeable spouse... if you're a guy asking for all these qualities in a woman, then the question needs to be asked of you - are you man enough to handle such a woman? Are you secure enough in yourself to have a partner outshine and outperform you?... dare I say outhunt you?

  4. Woman have just as much motivation for providing food for their families as men do. As natural and biological caregivers, women also want to give their family quality food and fill up the freezer. The more hunting, the more food!

  5. Despite being a male-dominated industry, female involvement in hunting is growing at an incredible rate! We need and want more people on our side of the fence when it comes to defending our hunting rights and conservation efforts. For the part, I've seen the hunting community be incredibly inclusive and supportive... for the few guys who think women are 'out of their league', your comments should be saved for your therapist, not the public. I hope you work through your mommy issues eventually.

Food for thought... and while you're doing some thinking, please keep in mind that each of the above points represent actual messages and comments I saw on lady hunter social media pages... and all negative comments were written by dudes. It goes without saying, but maybe if you focused a little more on your aim, and less on your IG digs, you wouldn't feel so threatened my her bro.

Thanks for coming to my Ted talk. Go forth and be unapologetically YOU.

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