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Annual Hunting Care Packages

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

A few years ago, I started making care packages every August in preparation for hunting season. I gift these packages to my hunting guides and adventure partners, people I camp with and those who I know love the hunting season as much as I do. When Summer is ending and we're all tired of the heat, an excited anxiety builds leading to months of packed weekends and ridiculously early mornings. Making my care packages and delivering them to my people is always a favorite part of this time for me.

I've only been hunting big game for a few years now, so my studies and curiosity seem to be targeted towards deer and elk adventures at high altitude. Early mornings, long days spent hiking and stalking, colder weather, and more rigorous terrain. I research new trends and recipes, and try to locate inexpensive, yet quality items for each package. The idea is to provide items that can be added to a hunting pack -- some items are food/beverage items that will be consumed this season, and other items are new survival tools or reusable pieces that can be added to the collection for future use. Some items are handmade and assembled, while others are just really cool pieces that I came across.

In 2020, I made care packages that included the following items:

- natural scent eliminating spray and wool dryer balls

- emergency multi-use survival tool

- toe warmers

- a cross lapel pin

- homemade trail mix

For the natural scent eliminating spray, I created a mix of essential oils (I used Young Living: Cedarwood 20 drops, Pine 20 drops, Peppermint 5 drops, Winter Nights 5 drops) and water in the above glass spray bottles. Shake and spray on cloth or fabric to naturally eliminate human scent. Spray clothing and wash in cold water without any detergent, then dry on medium heat with the wool dryer balls instead of any dryer sheets.

These multi-tools were really a hit! A compass, fire starter, whistle, and paracord, all in one! Small and easy to add to your pack without adding weight.

Nothing is worse than getting cold. These can save you physically and mentally when you still have a while left outside in the cold.

I'm not particularly religious, but hunting and being in the wilderness always has the potential to be dangerous, so a little memento to keep my people safe during their adventures seemed fitting.

I created two types of trail mix for each pack and kept them in mason jars. One mix was sweet, and the other was savory. I got my mix ingredients in bulk from Costco! Good tip is to always check that your people do not have any food allergies and include a note card listing all ingredients used!

I packaged all of the items up with a personalized note in these camo drawstring bags!

For this years' care packages, I did an interesting mix of items...

I included:
- waterproof matches
- Gatorade energy chews
- homemade instant oatmeal
- a paracord and carabiner
- two reusable plastic pouches
- natural and waterproof fire starters
- instant vanilla cappuccino packets

Waterproof matches are a must when it comes to basic survival gear.

A new trend I discovered -- energy chews delivering electrolytes and energy in tasty jelly-like hard chews! Perfect for when you're losing steam and need an extra boost!

The pictures above show the ingredients I used to make two types of instant oatmeal -- perfect for a hot meal with your handy Jet Boil! My Jet Boil has completely transformed my outdoor experience... whether it's being able to have a quick cup of hot coffee or enjoying a hot cappuccino in the middle of the woods -- warm things make me happy! There are a wide variety of freeze-dried meals that you can buy and bring with you on your trips - quickly boil water with your Jet Boil and enjoy hearty meals virtually anywhere!
A game changer for my instant oatmeal was adding powdered whole milk - makes the oatmeal so much creamier!

Sometimes you need a shot of caffeine and sugar to get you going on the trail!

I love these firestarters because they are made from natural ingredients, they're waterproof, and they can burn for up to 10-15 minutes. Great for starting a campfire or wood stove, or if you're in a bind and need a source of heat immediately.

A handy tool and you can't ever have enough paracord or carabiners!

Reusable, ziplock, plastic bags make so much sense for outdoor adventures. They're durable and can hold liquid. They'll also help keep liquid out if you need to make sure things stay dry. Two sizes come in this order - I bought a second set for use in my house!

I put together this years' packages in these reusable grocery bags that can also be rolled up and placed in a pack for versatile use and storage.

Do you have any hunting season traditions or care packages that you like to put together??

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Wendy Heersink
Wendy Heersink
Sep 06, 2021

Love this! Great idea. I would include flagging.

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