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Where did "The Feminine Outdoors" come from?

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

I’m a Colorado native, born and raised -- except those five years when I was a little kid and my dad moved our family out to the sticks of Iowa… that’s a story for another time though! The point being that I’ve had high altitude air in my lungs and the Rocky Mountains in my heart all the years of my life. I was introduced to the great outdoors as a kid, but surprisingly enough, my true bond with nature has really evolved over the past few years of my adult life. As I’m discovering my niche and constantly pushing myself to learn more, I’m finding that many women are on a similar journey.

I’ve formed connections with amazing people and groups in the outdoor community, and the support for female outdoor-enthusiasts is overwhelming. The number of female hunters is at an all time high. We are fishing more, camping more, and hiking more of those mountains than ever before. Brands, companies, and foundations are recognizing this shift, and they’re starting to provide gear, services, and partnerships with more and more women. And I’m totally here for it.

Sometimes in life, we must ask ourselves where we fit in to the big picture of it all. Although I don’t have a definitive answer just yet, I do know that I experience incredible joy when I’m able to connect women to the great outdoors and offer them support in their quests to get outside. The Feminine Outdoors was created for just that. We’re going to be outside together a lot… so don’t forget your sunscreen.

In the spirit of being raw with y'all, here's what I look like in the wild... and when I oversleep and have to jump into camo and leave all of my hair-ties behind in order to not also be left behind by my guides (aka Dad and big brother).
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